We are the distinguished firm involved in offering Classical Vocal classes in Delhi. Keeping in mind taht classical music requires the highest level of discipline, our teachers maintain the regulated environment for classical vocal classes. Following the fact that India is a diverse country, our efficient team works with the different genre of vocal style. Leading towards the perfection, we start with the basic requisite of classical music such as raga, taal, sargam, alap and more. In this way, we carry out both trend and technicality in tandem.

We have created a peaceful and disciplined environment as this sort of music requires the profound softness and deep emotions to learn the basic lyrics of classical music. Though, Indian cinema is leading in the direction to adopt its lighter version but we follow the oldest and basic form in our training sessions. Other than the sargam, sur, taal, we equally focus on the importance of diction as without a good diction it is useless to train anyone in classical music.